Bored by the regular desk job? Want to add some excitement to your job?
Do you dream to see the world, dream of having a life full of glamour and glitz, overseas shopping, And last but not the least of flying. We at GAA Speedjet Aviation academy can make you help to fulfill your dream.
The life of a cabin crew is a very exciting and amusing it’s the best for people who love to travel. Cabin crew travels the whole world and gets paid for the same. Cabin crews are the ones who assist you at 30,000ft.

So let us see what exactly a cabin crew does, Cabin crew is the first to arrive on the aircraft and The security check and inspection is conducted followed by the briefing drill led by the senior cabin crew the resources and supplies are checked so to ensure adequate supply through the flight.

Then after the doors are closed safety demonstrations are done and the cabin is secured. And you are ready to take-off. While the journey a cabin crew is in charge of the hospitality of the guests, their safety and to assist them. Once the flight lands the cabin crew bids goodbye to everyone and then checks the aircraft if anything Is left back and then ready the cabin for the next set of guests.

Being a cabin crew as a job of the high caliber you need to meet all the requirements to be a cabin crew once you are appointed as a cabin crew than my friend you will have one of the best life experiences.

The cabin crew also enjoys different perks it. They travel the world and get paid for it, they can travel with their families for free and give them their dream vacation, if you are an avid traveler you get an opportunity to see the world even the remote places.

So the cabin crew is able to meet new people daily and on occasions, you can also meet celebrities they have to work far less than a corporate job, a cabin crew works only for  100 hours in a month.

So do you wanna be a perfect cabin crew and enjoy the perks we GAA Speedjet aviation academy will make you a perfect cabin crew. Now Asia’s one of the largest aviation academies now at your hometown MUMBAI.

So if your dreams are in the sky, be a cabin crew and make sure you prepare your bucket list as you are going to complete all of them. To Know More Information


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