Have you ever dreamed of flying high?

Definitely, most of us did but few actually live this dream life; It’s not because they are lucky but all because of hard work. It is a rewarding career financially no doubt but one has to go through intensive training which is a costly affair but that can be covered up in a year once you be a pilot.

So let’s see what is the life of a Pilot behind the scene?

Pilot’s  Work Life

  • In short-haul flights, there are 2 officers; First Officer and a Captain and In long haul flights, there are 3 or more officers.
  • The roster has an alternate pattern (early shift, late night shift) fixed in advance with 5 days work and 3-4 days off so that you can plan well
  • With Short-haul; pilots are expected to do 2 to 6 flights a day depending upon the duration.
  • Long haul pilots usually get more off due to the amount of time they spend so they need to rest and adjust their body clocks.
  • A pilot is certified to fly only one aircraft type at a time means Boeing 777 pilots are only assigned to were Boeing 777s are operating.
  • Pilots are responsible for weather assessments, filing flight plans, pre-flight checks and filing post-flight reports to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • Pilots need to be updated with latest equipment manuals and operating procedures and have to undergo rigorous recurrent airline pilot training.


  • In India, airline pilots earn anywhere between Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 800,000 per month depending upon the level of experience.
  • The perks offered are the best things you could wish for.
  • From excellent staff travel packages for families at the discounted rates.
  • You don’t have to work here like 9 to 5 instead you have given more off days plus allowances, free food and accommodation.
  • Experience unique cities all around the world.


  • Yes, you have to sacrifice few things like you have to stay away from family friends especially during festivals and there might be chances that you could get holidays timings may not match with others to enjoy more.
  • There are some health issues like continuous changing body clock and regular jet lag can cause fatigue
  • Someday you have to work for 4 hrs and some days 13 hrs; depending on weather conditions or long travel journey
  • You need to plan well in order to spend time with your loved one’s holiday timing issues

Becoming a pilot is not a cakewalk but yes arduous training, dedication can help a lot. It takes around 2 years to train under Airline Pilot Training Institute get a normal Airline Transport Pilot License and 200 hours of flying experience. More than that there is the responsibility of too many people always who puts their trust in you

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