The approval of customers is important regarding product safety during shipping. Therefore, you need to have extra care while packing. You can apply extra safety with your own style that would add to your brand promotion also. For example, on the tapes, you can print your logo, product name or any other instructions about the care to be taken during handling the product in transit. This way you can highlight yourself in a better way in front of your clients.

More About Printed Tape

Nowadays, a lot of business happens on the mail orders through e-commerce sites. Lots of orders contain clothing, electronics, and other accessories that need extra protection in transit. Printed tape is a contemporary way for Product Packaging that is gaining acceptance with the maximum enterprises. The multi-colored printed tapes not just provide that extra bit of security, but much more than that.

  • Nicely printed tapes on the boxes provide brand awareness.
  • Product-related information on the tapes helps to identify the contents of the box.
  • By sticking tapes with information printed on them makes it easier for the handlers to learn handling instructions.
  • Printed tapes are available in different materials and different custom colors. These reflect the professional image of the enterprise.
  • It increases product value.

Material Of Printed Tapes

The variety for printed tapes includes the followings.

  • Films: Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Vinyl (PVC), Styrene, Nylon, Metalized films, and others.
  • Laminations: Film, metal foil, Film with foam, Film with paper.
  • Other Materials: Open and closed cell Poly foams, Metal foils, Non-woven fabrics, Woven fabrics, and Fiberglass Scrim.
  • Adhesives: Acrylic adhesive, Rubber adhesive, Synthetic Rubber Adhesive, and Hybrid Adhesive.

The Queries Regarding Printed Tapes

What can be printed onto the tape?
From simple text, branding detail to complex logo designs.

How many colors can be printed?
Mostly tapes can be printed in Three-colors.

How much is the width of the printed tape rolls?
Different widths are available as per the requirement from 12mm to 150mm width. Although 50mm roll is more common.

What’s the standard length of printed tape rolls?
Printed Tapes are available in standard 65m lengths, but on special orders and needs of clients, these rolls can be made available up to 1000m also.

Can printing company design it?
Most printers have the graphic designers to fulfill the design needs.

Which types of materials for printed tape are available?
These tapes could be made of PVC, vinyl, polypropylene, and acrylic with adhesives.

Printed tapes are the contemporary way for product packaging that is truly remarkable in providing protection during shipping. More importantly, it is your branding tool to highlight your product line. Custom printed sealing tapes secures content of the boxes and also adds value with advertising of your company.

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