Safari Tourist Bags vs Skybags | Which is better, skybag or Safari

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1. Safari Thorium Polycarbonate 77 cms Blue Hardsided Suitcase (Thorium-Stubble-Dazzling-Blue-77-4WH)

2. Skybags Auckland Polycarbonate 65.8 cms Silver Hardsided Suitcase (AUCKL65ESMS)

What luggage bag should I buy: American Tourister or SkyBags?

Customer reviews

Spandan Das
Spandan Das, lived in New Delhi

Skybags any day over AT. I am a long user of Skybags but got adventurous and decided to go for AT for once and alas it was the worst experience. AT soft bag got damaged in the first flight trip. The steel case inside the bag got bent permanently due to the baggage handling during transit. Aren’t the Bag companies supposed to check for these situations and provide some decent level of durability.

My skybags are so sturdy and they have taken the brunt of air travel for many years. I finally decided to retire one after 10 years and committed the fatal mistake of trying out American tourister. Never Again !!


Rahul Mehra
Rahul Mehra, lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I have been using American Tourister bags for some years now. My last purchase from about two years ago is still in good condition. Though I am not that active a traveller, I have my fair share of experience to speak from. The brand has been known for its excellent durability and sleek designs, and it continues to deliver the same.

It’s just that one needs to take their individual needs into perspective before picking a American Tourister bag, especially when it comes the build quality and weight. So, whether you expect some rough use or careful use, understand the product well before putting your money on it. Focus on buying bags whose plus points match with your baggage needs. To do so, research well before you buy bags rather than blindly picking a bag. This way, you could cancel out any surprises in quality and other aspects with ease.

Abha Verma
Abha Verma, works at Students

According to me you should buy skybags because they are quite strong and sturdy in comparison to american  touristercheapest skybags to buy online

cheapest skybags to buy online


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