The science stream is often preferred by those who are aspiring to pursue professional courses after 12th. The primary subjects in science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science. Among other subjects, English is compulsory while the other language subject is left for choice. There are also practical labs along with theory, which calls for a lot of hard work for students in this stream. You can also join our best coaching classes for 11th and 12th science in Vashi to achieve your desired score.

Opting for science stream opens up both medical and non-medical career options, including medical science, engineering, and other interdisciplinary careers. Top schools in greater Noida If interested in a medical field, you will have to include Biology along with Physics and Chemistry as your core subject combination, while for engineering, and you will have to replace biology for mathematics or computer science as the core subject. However, there are also other career options including either two or only one of the science subjects. It is hence better to decide your future path at this stage only and choose the relevant subjects accordingly. Opt for our best coaching classes for 11th and 12th science in Andheri.

By studying in science stream after 10th, students can opt to pursue the further higher education in diverse fields such as Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Cytology, Dental Science, Genetics, Pharmaceuticals, Space Exploration, Biotechnology, Metallurgy, Forensic Science, and many others, besides the ever popular medical and engineering options.

Find the best Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math tutor in Andheri West & Vashi at Mile Achiever’s Academy


Unique Selling Points of Mile Achiever’s Academy

  • Expert Faculty:- We at Mile Achievers Academy have experienced faculty from renowned colleges of Mumbai transferring best knowledge to our students.
  • Personal Attention:- We cater to individual needs based on the unique needs of students, and also restrict our batch size to only 12 students so that all are given equal attention.
  • Mock Boards:- They serve chiefly as practice for future exams and so to reduce anxiety and stress we give opportunity to our students to travel to Vashi centre or Andheri centre of ours and experience it for themselves.
  • 24/7 Query:- At our institute, students can get the doubts solved 25/7, be it educational, personal, administrative, examination etc.
  • Library:- Students can access the library at their convenience and also we keep wide range of textbooks, reference books and digest. They can also study at our centre peacefully from 9:30 to 6:30pm
  • Study Material:- We provide study material to students for better explanation on topics and for future reference.
  • Parents Teachers Meet:- We conduct monthly meetings with the parents at our coaching classes in Vashi & coaching classes in Andheri where they can keep track of their childs performance, attendance, behaviour & solve their doubts if any.
  • Counselling:- We cater to the need of each and every student & counsel them accordingly.

Enroll at one of the best Science academies in Andheri West & Science academies in Vashi today!


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