One of the unique features of the game Euromillions is the code of the Million Maker. The code helps you to get a payout of £ 1 million and the secrecy of this code is generated. Since, the code is not generated manually, hence this secrecy needs to be maintained. This code gets generated automatically during every line purchase, so that everyone gets an equal chance to win. Every Friday and Tuesday the draw takes place in the evening around 9pm the local time of that area. In order to play EuroMillions Online, every player needs to open an online account and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Complete the playslip online with the selected numbers you want to play with.
  • In every transaction, you have the option to play between 5 to 3 lines either by using your numbers or by generating random numbers using the Quick Play option.
  • Select the number of draws you want to enter. Keep in mind, on more than one draw you get discounts.
  • You can purchase advance tickets for up to 52 draws.
  • Click to play.
  • Now your details need to be entered for the registration purpose and the payment for the tickets needs to be made.
  • Next pick the numbers.
  • Now since you are completing the process online, an agent will purchase the tickets on your behalf, scan them and add to your account so that you can view them online.
  • If your numbers of your ticket matches with the winning combination, you are usually notified through a text message or email.

Claiming The Prize
If you are wondering if the prize money can be claimed from some other country or not, then the answer is, no. The thumb rule is, you have to claim the prize money from the very same country from where you have purchased the lottery ticket. The reason behind is, each country has a specific system of registering the tickets and they also have their individual terminals. Hence, a EuroMillion ticket that has been purchased in one country can’t be validated in some other country.

The Tax Factor
Whether you are liable to pay tax on the EuroMillion prize money acquired depends entirely on the jurisdiction under which you fall. In total, in three of the nations that sell EuroMillions, the prize money is tax free. Since, January 2013, the prize money amount in Portugal, Switzerland and Spain is taxable.


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