Buying authentic sports shoes online or in person may be one of the hardest achievements. Not every pair we can buy in Nike Store, Finish Line or other large chain stores. Sometimes we have to go through the list of items on eBay to try the FaceBook group, message boards and even Craigslist. Some people will try to use fake sports shoes as real or people do not know, but in the end we want to keep safe. To help you with your next pick-up, we will combine this guide with five methods to spot replica shoes.

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Before looking at shoes, one of the key indicators is the box. For Jordan’s old memories with lines, the colors are usually lighter and even the spacing is not the same. But now we have a new Jordan box, it is black and gold, a bit easy to imitate. Most of the time, boxes with replica shoes are beaten or torn open. Even though the cardboard used to make boxes looks thinner and cheaper, this may be the reason why they are always destroyed. But if you buy from a careless sneaker and don’t take care of the box, shoes may be true. What would you do?

In a good part of this, there is still a way to find out whether they are replica shoes and are investigating box labels. In this example, we will use the Nike Air Yeezy 2′ Solar Red’ box.

The fake designer shoes is number 10 and the real one is 10.5. First you may notice the spacing of ‘Air Yeezy 2 NRG’ on the label. The fake model is far from the real model. Number 1 on the 10th is also more than genuine. In addition, the actual font on the copy is larger. At the same time view on the real box, with suggested retail prices, replica designer shoes not. Someone may tear them off now, but you will notice how clear the side of the sticker is and which side should have signs of separation.
There are other ways to tell if a sports shoe box is replica shoes. Some examples are incorrect product numbers, incorrect spelling, coloring off, or incorrect label placement, such as centering or bending.

Nike – Jordan never made this color

This can be used for any brand, but countless fake Nike shoes and replica Air Jordan shoes floating around are a good example. You may have seen people wearing ‘Spongebob’ Jordan pairing zero or even Air Jordan’. Or, how about, Air Jordan High Heels. Hate your burble blast but these are fake shoes. We do not want to enter countless Air Yeezy. These products are produced using 1,000 different color schemes, but you understand our point of view.


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