The Significance of well-organized website design:

Most of the internet users estimate the worth and reliability of your services from the design of your site. A large number of customers around this globe search and read about the products online before purchasing anything. An appealing & up to date website design is crucial to your brand’s repute and the future business. The website designers must keep themselves updated with the latest changes in web design to meet the required expectations of site visitors.  Well-Organized website design will engage more visitors to your site and facilitate them to make a choice in your favour. Here we present the latest website design trends in 2019 that you must follow to make websites that people will appreciate and support your business.

Top website design trends in 2019:

  1. Mobile usability and Speed:

Nearly half of the global website traffic comes from mobile phones and for this reason, Google gives priority to those websites in search results ranking that have good mobile usability (mobile-first indexing). Despite SEO, the search engine ranking will be affected if the site runs just well on laptops and PCs but has a mobile usability issue.  Moreover, the ideal load time for a good website must be just 2 to 3 seconds or else users won’t stay on the site. For this, designers should use image optimization techniques so that the site does not get heavy and loads quickly.

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  1. An Appealing UI/UX Design

The users expect a perfect online experience right from the beginning till the end. So an interactive and appealing user interface should be there on the website to enhance user experience. The site should be designed keeping user convenience in mind i.e. simple and easy to use. A good UI/UX design can convert the site visitors into potential customers for your product/services and this will certainly boost up your business.

  1. CSS3 Animation & Video Background

Animation is one of the most effective trends in web design that makes the site design more vivid by using CSS3. Videos help in increasing the time a user spends on the web page which is fine for conversion rates and SEO. So design the relevant web pages of the site with a dynamic video background to grab the customer’s attention and let them quickly understand the features of your product.

  1. Bold Typography and Fixed Scrolling Navigation

Many IT companies are using bold typography to create their home pages which suits a lot if you want to keep other pages nominal and clean. Moreover, fixing the position of navigation menu allows users to easily navigate the site. This fixed scrolling navigation can be easily achieved with the help of plugins available online. We can also observe that fixed navbar is also very versatile for smartphone users.

  1. Sufficient white space

By white space, we mean the part of the page that is left vacant i.e. free from any images or graphics. The users find simple designs with a lot of white space flawless to read and navigate.  Adding too many graphic elements or information into a limited space can distract the user’s attention and make the site appear less functional. This concept of white space continues to be an important trend in 2019 to enhance user experience.

  1. Interactive and Responsive design

Interactive and responsive website design provides an advanced valuable feature added to the functionality to your site. The use of machine learning in displaying chatbots, voice search, etc. is better for improving the user’s experience. The websites are becoming smarter with these technology advancements and responsive design trends.

  1. Custom graphic design and Representation

In order to give your website a unique look from the competitors, you need to use customized website templates. The website templates are now more customizable and using custom graphic design with effective illustrations will let your business establish a unique and branded web presence and build a sound impression for your website.

  1. Natural shapes

The design trends in 2019 are more focused on the accessibility and comfort level of the user. The design of natural or organic shapes gives a different look to a page element and provides depth to web design. These designs are meant to align with human feelings and have a realistic appearance.

  1. Micro-interactions

These are the events created with the purposes like to give a pleasant surprise or invitation to a user. Whenever there is a minor action taken on a website that is followed by a specific response, it is a micro-interaction. Some examples of micro-interactions are the red icon displaying your message count on Facebook, hover and scrolling animations, etc. These are the ways to get better involvement of users in your site.

  1. Simplicity

Minimalism is one of the most classic web design trends in 2019 i.e. lesser the elements and content on a site, the more quickly it will be grasped by the viewers. The website should be designed with the minimum number of elements/content sufficient enough to let the user know what exactly he is looking for.


By following the above-mentioned website design trends in 2019, designers can create unique and more appealing site designs required to make excellent websites. A well-designed website will definitely bring a brand name to your business and convert more visitors into potential customers for your products and services.


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