Are you thinking to have a lucrative career as Cabin Crew for domestic or International airlines?

Do you want to join the best cabin crew course in Pune?

If Yes; then do check this article which will guide you in understanding what it means to be cabin crew and its scope in India and best Cabin Crew Training Institute.

First and foremost it’s both rewarding and enjoyable. The hard work plays a bigger role here and in any career you choose but the only thing here is you need to do a little sacrifice of staying away from your family and friends but no worries you will enjoy your holidays.

If you are passionate and have the quality of being friendly, caring, staying calm and handling passengers with a smile then this is the career for you!

Role of a Cabin Crew

Primary Role of a Cabin Crew is ensuring the safety of the passengers, crew, and aircraft.

A career in cabin crew is not about serving tea and coffee but it is about growing as an individual and gain customer service experience and other things like people skills, first aid, safety, languages, and understanding of different cultures. You can learn all these skills on the job while you are under training and gain better experiences. There is a major demand for females but even males are also hired.

Benefits of being Cabin Crew

  • A prestigious profession within the aviation industry
  • Flexible Hours
  • You will meet new colleagues cum friends, amazing passengers, and celebrities
  • You can see many international cities free of cost
  • Free accommodation and Food; Sometimes you can enjoy accommodation in luxurious hotels
  • Can work for the public as well as private airlines
  • With experience, you can work as supervisors handling administrative and other ground duties
  • The demands for cabin crew is increasing day by day
  • Salary, perks, and allowances are alluring in the airline’s sector.
  • You are offered discounted or free air tickets for holidays with your family
  • You learn different languages
  • It’s a glamorous job where you need to look your best.

Each job has advantages and disadvantages but with experience the journey becomes smooth. Your customer service skills and great team-player ability can help you to grab that appreciation from passengers which will be your real satisfaction.


  • As per Teamlease data April 2019, there is a scarcity of 1350 cabin crew.
  • As per Paul Dupuis, managing director at Randstad India; Most airlines are expansion mode and there would be around 100 aircraft by the end of 2020 which means there would be a requirement of 18,000 jobs (direct and indirect) across levels.
  • A Vistara is expecting the delivery of 56 new planes by 2023.
  • According to Industry experts, India’s aviation sector is expected to witness 35,000-crore investment in the next four years.

There is already a huge demand and fruitful employment scenario in the aviation sector for cabin crew will continue to be positive. Now when you know the scope; its right time to invest in the best Air Hostess Training Institute Speed Jet Aviation Training Academy that can help you to guide throughout and be the first ladder to your success. So what are you waiting for? Contact now on

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