I turned on the accessibility screen reader by mistake, and now can’t even get to the option to turn it off again.
Can’t scroll down to reach the option, can’t use the pull down menu. –  mloxton

This just happened to me after I downloaded dynamic notifications. You have to goto settings from the home screen and using two fingers you can scroll down to “accessibility” double tap it to open it, scroll down to “talk back” double tap it and double tap the toggle off. That should be it good luck, took me over and hour to figure out and was getting severely pissed

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After reading your steps easily i off the talk back mode.
Thank you so much.Use double tap to select an application on the screen,use two finger to move screen,always do double tap to select and unselect to disable the talk back option in accessibility. Sathiyendiran R

I found I had to hold the Gear S with both hands, touch the screen simultaneously with both thumbs, and push relatively hard to scroll to Accessibility. K W Fuqua


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