In today’s world, many people opt for a blend of contemporary and traditional designs for their home, lifestyle, kitchen accessories and dining products. Therefore, the retailers should keep up with the changing trends and use wholesale Home Decor Products which will help to fulfill the customer need.

Every part of India is deeply entrenched with a long-standing and rich tradition of art, craft, and weaving. Therefore, many premium home décor wholesalers and suppliers develop the contemporary design in collaboration with traditional artisans by understanding their skills and bringing the latest trends to life using unique skills.

Skilled artisans in handlooms are best to develop the beautiful products, which not only play with colors but also texture. Your store should also be driven by the motivation to promote designs that support traditions not only in India but across the world. Here are 3 products which must be in your store shelves to appeal to new customers:-

Handmade clutches

Traditional Indian clutches are made for splendid statement wear. Artisans across the country have distinct styles of shaping, painting, detailing, embellishing bags and clutches. They feature traditional prints, patches, colorful threads, appliqué, crochet, sequins, and tassels. Artisans use various kinds of fabrics like chanderi, brocade to make clutches and purses that are traditional and modern design.

This unique combination of colors is a hit among the customers today –


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