The global attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, as per the recently concluded study.

With the advent of social media platforms, and a large database of information available on Google, it is not an easy task to grab the attention of the customer. There are thousands of results, if not millions, that show up in the Search engine results page as soon as you type something on the Google search bar. There are innumerable websites churning out similar content. The best SEO companies in Mumbai will agree to the statement mentioned above. So, how does one stand out. The short answer is a catchy headline.

An exciting or a catchy headline is the first thing that a customer comes across. It should lead the seeker of information to your blog or content. Therefore, to grab the attention, you have microseconds, and it can only be achieved by an exciting, engaging, and valuable headline which gives the customer complete idea what he or she is getting into.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO service providers in Mumbai often miss this significant aspect of content writing and optimization. In order to rank in Google SERP’s, it is essential that the content should have right keywords and must be valuable to the reader. This eventually leads to more traffic and good ranking. But, the key component that pushes the reader to take the first step is the headline.

Now that you know why a catchy headline is a must, let’s looks as to how to make a headline catchy or in other terms clickable and readable.

  1. Using a number boosts clicks and engagement rate

The content writing experts worldwide as well as the professional team at Dignc, one of the leading SEO agencies in Mumbai, undoubtedly believe that using numbers on the headline instantly grabs the attention.

For example, “5 best writing tools in 2019” works better than “Best writing tools in 2019” or even “Five best writing tools in 2019”. Such is the power of using a number on the title or a headline. It certainly touches the pulse of the reader, and boosts clicks and engagement rate.

  1. Good headline promises value to the reader

Always understand that a customer, user or reader comes to the internet, seeking answer to a question, or a solution to the problem. Therefore, you must promise value to the reader by answering the exact question that a reader has in mind.

This is where a thorough understanding of the target audience is very much necessary. You must know the needs of your audience. Begin formulating the headline and the body content once you know what your audience requires.

For example, if someone searches for “best SEO agency in Mumbai”, the headline must be appealing and the related content, comprehensive enough to satisfy their query.

  1. How and Why in the headline is a game-changer

The usage of How and Why, time and again has shown that they are the winning factors of any blog or article. One of the reasons is that it generates a sense of curiosity inside a reader’s mind. It directs to further explore the content and find the answer.

Therefore, next time you plan your content strategy and ways to increase engagement, give special focus to create a catchy headline first, keeping the audience requirement in mind. Thereafter, move on to create quality content that adds real value to the reader. Make sure to add numbers or ‘How’ and ‘Why’ questions and you are certain to create a highly productive blog post or article.

Dignc is one of the best SEO companies in Mumbai, offering efficient and effective digital marketing solutions and services. With the updated tools, Google best practices and innovative strategies, we aim to deliver effective results every time.

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