Finally, Tik Tok is removed from the play store in India.

Here is the screenshot.

The Madras High Court on April 3 asked the government to ban Tik Tok saying that it encouraged pornography and made child users vulnerable to sexual predators.

There were also several incidents which led to the ban of famous Chinese App, Tik Tok.

  1. A 19-year-old boy Mohammad Salman was shot dead accidentally by his friend Suhail Malik while he was posing for a Tik Tok video.
  2. A man in Punjab lost his life after he came under a tractor while he was trying to get on a moving tractor to shoot a Tik Tok video.
  3. One college student from Tamil Nadu lost his life after accidentally ramming into a bus while riding on a scooter with his two friends just to shoot a video for Tik Tok. ( My reaction- What?)

If you are still one of the Tik Tok supporters or so-called ‘Tik Tok actor’ (Now please don’t get offended) who is not convinced yet and is angry with the decision then you can also watch Carry Minati’s latest video (dated Apr 10) on youtube and watch yourself that in what way some people are using Tik Tok.

I don’t why this happens always whenever a new app is released. Why some people get so crazy about any app that they risk their lives and the people who use it for entertainment purpose always suffer? Why don’t they think about their parents?

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